16 / Female / Bisexual / Single
hell – US
Hey everyone, my name is Abby! Some of the things I love are singing, dancing, playing piano, drawing, hanging out with my friends, and obviously more, but too lazy to list. I also do role-play, idfk what kind just choose! I'm not weird I swear XD. Well, I am always super bored so if you ever wanna talk then talk to me. I'm like barley on anymore. But, I will try to get on if there is a reason like a person or something. If you wanna get close to me, make sure you can handle my depression bc I'm BIPOLAR AS HELL!!!! WARNING IM BIPOLAR! XD well, by stalker ;)

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im fricking tired as crap dude like wtf

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Cutebone asked

What is a question
A question is what people ask when they don't know something or want to know something or they ask you to annoy you. XD

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Hey be strong GANGSTA. And this is the first comment i posted, so yea, just be happy.