20 / Female / Pansexual / Single
definitely not weebs IveAppearedAgain
The Shire, Middle Earth – US
Hiya! ^-^
MY name is Anni.
My life revolves around pizza, anime, and videogames.
I'm kind of a loser tbh.
L.o.Z.~Diablo~Sonic~B&S~The Elder Scrolls~
Elfen Lied~Junjou Romantica~Deadman Wonderland~ Loveless
Also, if you are going to message me, please don't make crude comments first thing.
I will nit be inclined to answer.

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Totally bored out of my mind. So ima just binge watch whatever is on hulu rn.

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Panda  asked

What was your old account? Also, favorite video game or anime?
Tbh I can't even remember the name of my account. AnniEverlasting I think.

And my favorite anime is Elfen Lied.

As for favorite video game, it depends on console/pc.