20 / Male / Straight / Single
North Cornwall – UK
Hello people I am Ray,
Lets make this brief and to the point, if you want to get to know me more than message me!
This is my new profile as I deleted old one a while back...
Love my music
Used to have many piercings but removed them and ears were 30 and 36mm but blown them out xD
Always have been always will be a keen fisherman:)
Work full time splitting slate:3
Used to scream vocals but haven't done for a while... i really do want to start again soon

Drugs... I dont want to hear about how you were f***ed up last night and how weed should be legal because i dont want to hear it.
Islam... not saying i am racist but i do not accept or respect their faith end of.
Guys that f*** around girls.

Anyway i am a trustworthy and genuin person who will talk to you and if you are down i will try and make you feel better:3 i am always honest and with me i suppose you could say what you see is what you get and if you dont like me than i have no time for you...
That is all for now

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HELL YESS!! My favourite band ever A7X in january with disturbed \m/ and bullet for my vallentine in November, so very f***ing exited \m/

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Thanks for the add. You seem straight forward awesome. Hit me up if ya ever wanna talk.