17 / Male / Gay / In Love
My Therapist <3 Science
In Badlands Chillin' With Halsey – US
Hey, Names Christian you can call me Chris or whatevs... hint give me nicknames cause they are awesome!

Um.. Had a profile about two years back, only made a few tight friends but I still have them today. I got off that account and left for a while. Why? Idek. But I'm back here again. And it's pretty great so far. A few bumps a few assholes but nothing works like a few bitch slaps and a few smiles. I'm dual-sided. I'll kick your ass and destroy you or I'll be your bestest friend and the sweetest person ever and which side of me you get to see well I'll leave that up to you show me respect and kindness and I'll show it back. Fail to do this and I'm the biggest bitch you'll ever meet so... Choose wisely..

First things first. I am not on here to f*** around with anybody. I don't want to f*** you I don't want you to f*** me I don't want to see any of you in a sexual way and I sure as f*** am not showing you myself so get that out of your head before you even think of hitting that friend request button. If u message me and ask for nudes or anything sexual or try to send me anything sexual or say anything sexual to me you will be unfriended and blocked immediately and if it gets extreme, I am not afraid to report you!

Now that that's cleared up lol Hai, Hello welcome to my profile all you beautiful and cool people I'm very friendly and not rude I'm very straight up and not a fake about anything lol so don't be shy. Message me, Friend request don't be scared I'm not scary, well I'm not that scary lmfao XDXDXD.

Yes I am very gay and hate people who are rude or derogatory toward the LGBT community so don't message me if u have hateful things to say.
morgs00 - the absolute love of my life i cannot live without him he is my literal everything and i love him so very f***ing much hes my beautiful jock 1-21-16 <3333

I love My friends because they are My family and I'll kill you if you hurt a single one of them My family consists of:

Science - holy f*** Rachel has always been there for me shes my crazy little haspamnic groupy shes funny smart cool and edgy asf shell cut you or make you feel 100% better about yourself. how could you not love her shes amazing my god. love you girl. πŸ’œ

humanoid - omfg Ash is literally one of my bestest friend shes so sweet and cool and amazing and honestly so close to both me and the love of my life and is so in love with me and him shes amazing shes my family i love her so so much. stay beautiful fam <333

cyberbully - Coolest cat goddess you'll ever meet in your life

Amaryllis - The sweetest funniest most genuine girl you'll ever meet she'll bake you cakes and give you love and hugs or she'll kick your ass and shoot you through her kitchen window

Ellla - omfg Ella is so cool and funny shes kind and warm and she loves Ariana and Nicki so that is an immediate best friend thing for me haha love ya fam <3

Error.exe - Nny is F***ing awesome and is an artistic murderer looking for love so keep your rude and mean stuff away cause he's nothing but a sweet and cool guy and I'll kill you if he doesn't first. Mkay? Mkay

NEKO.Clover - This is my Bunny Boy hes always been my best friend and is a d*** good best friend if you ask me. love him to bits cause hes awesome inside and out.

XLilMissWallflowerX - Oh sweet jesus, Megan? You're f***ing phenomenal! you're kind sweet warm funny and an AMAZING person to talk to even tho its mostly my problems but you're honestly the most twisted peron i''ve ever met you know exactly what to say with LONG REPLIES<3 but you know all the s*** to say cause you've been thru it all hun <3 CX XD anyways this is the girl you want as your best friend she's awesome lol <3 love you girl <3

jazzypleaseee - this is my qt little smol bean she's awesome and has a rainbow tropical Jasmine soul

Ariel - This is our beloved empress and queen of SK show her respect and she will protect your sorry ass. Show her disrepect and prepare for a world of hurt but she is really sweet and awesome once you get to know her and she doesn't tolerate rudeness or fakes so watch out lol

sleepytwink - She is an absolutely sweetheart she's funny and bubbly and like a fairy plus she's wifey so watch out bitch lol

sedative  - This is my gorgeous modeling coach she is the one i always go to for advice on pictures and stuff she's sweeet and nice and cool. If you wanna talk about X-Men this hit this girl up or about modeling. Cause she's the bomb at modeling and she's like one of my best friends touch and you die lol.

SourCream - she's bomb asf and is chill and super dupper cool so go befriend her 😁

jester - okai so at first this chick is so intimidating but you read her bio and shes so sweet and protective over her friends and i honestly believe she would kill for her friends and just wow shes really f***ing awesome she draws hentai on the sides for some dank memes and is just pure awesomeness so go check her out cause duh why wouldnt you shes f***ing great bitches <3

/////disiginated Halsey Trash <333

ARIZONA.ICE.MEMES - this is the guy who will make you laugh and confuse your sanity with his sarcasm. Definitely something cool

A.Thing - okai Brice is like a brother to me hes awesome all around and is super fun to be around and is into astrology which is a piece of my entire life and what i live by and hes just an awesome guy. love you fam!

Princeless - Eli is so f***ing cool and honestly is super nice and radical and he inspires me to do nails and is just an awesome friend all around lol

StrawberryBoy - Christian and I have the same names and exact same interests and tastes and so therefore we are besties now haha Adorable Name Buddies for life XD

My heart is hard to get and not to be played with so be warned and good luck if u even try or even care.....


(ΰΉ‘Ζ‘ ₃ Ζ‘)β™₯ Glory is Love! Glory is Life! Glory.Hole

Proud Supporter of Yoxtriple6

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Hanging with friends
Making friends
The Beach
My Laptop
Scary Movies
Weird Things
Playing My Piano
Charms(ex. Pendants, birds, dreamcatchers, etc.)
Some dogs
The Moon
Organizing(very CDO(OCD))
My Bed
Purple, Black and White
Taking Pictures
Teen WolfπŸ’œ
The Golden Girls❀
Pet Names
Video Chatting
Fun people
Music <3

Rude people
Bad hygiene
Being Bored
Country music
Drama Queens
Tight Asses
Cold Showers
Hot Heads
Rude Bitches

Love Music with a passion
Fav Artists Are:
Ariana Grande
Nicki Minaj
Christina Aguilera
Melanie Martinez
Troye Sivan
Alessia Cara
Justin Bieber
Tove Lo
Oh Wonder
Zayn Malik
Nathan Sykes
Zara Larsson
Lana Del Rey
Lady Gaga
Marina And The Diamonds
Niykee Heaton
Alina Baraz
Emeli Sande
One Direction
Pierce The Veil
Meghan Trainor
Twenty One Pilots
Miley Cyrus
Mariah Carey
Shawn Mendes
The Neighbourhood
Amy Winehouse
The xx
Andy Biersack
The Chainsmokers
Etc Etc

I have Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, Skype, Oovoo, Tumblr, and Pinterest..

go show your love beauties πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

Just Stay Cool And I'm Cool, I'm Real Laid Back But Not Lazy(most of the time) And Make Me Laugh Or Smile And We're Good
"Mirrors are enigmatic.
They reflect you in every way but they can never tell you everything is wrong."

06/03/16. RIP Mark. i'll always love you and you'll always be my Angel. i miss you so very f***ing much. i love you so very f***ing much. my Angel is in HeavenπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

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Hmmm. Someone gets in my profile everyday. That's so strange. They haven't done or changed anything and they've kept my days going. Just don't harm my profile whoever you are and don't get caught lol thank you for keeping my days going tho

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