15 / Non-binary / Pansexual / Recently Single
eW iTs AdRiAn.... (';

Things About Me:
• I'm an artist
• I'm obsessed with tattoos and piercings
• Horror movies are my favourite
• I like dying my hair
• I'm Demisexual, which means if you want to date me we need a special connection
• I'm kinda shy but I'm good with starting conversations
• My favourite band is Ghost Town
• I listen to a lot of music, it practically takes up my whole life.

If you approach me in a way that I dont like, example "Hey, wanna date?" Honest truth, I'll simply ignore you. I dont deal with things like that, I'm not saying you cant like me.. However just dont say things like that. Thank you.

Ask me questions if you'd like, or simply contact me. (:


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FakeSmiles asked

don't listen to buttheads on here. okay? ;-;
Awe thank you ); I try my best to ignore them..