17 / Female / Straight
Toledo – US
I'm candy from UK walse moved to the USA I'm not new here I have a account my name kittenmeow and I tried log in my account all my info was right but the sight wouldn't let me in like wtf going on I had friends hopefully my friends u notice me Grim,john, toaster,Bree,fate no more, I'm here ,
I'm 19 emo Gothic vampier rocker gamer chick ,don't judge me I won't judge u live for today to make it tommrow ,and scream Rock n roll, I have Kik and Skype if u want them just ask ,the rest remains mysterious Rrrr massage me if u dare I just might bite💀💖

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Omg how is every today

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god.father asked

do you believe obama is the leader of isis
Tbh no bc if he was the USA would had been blew up,but I most definitely do not think that trump is fit to be president mate.