31 / Male / Bisexual / Single
Best friends forever Xx01morbid.angelxX
my darkness – US
They call me Angel.
i'm just your average kind of guy, who doesn't really talk much but when you get to know me i'll start to talk to you more.
I maybe a loser but i'm not asshole, i can get along with just about anyone
if you just give me the time.

I love helping anyone who's feeling sad or just need a good friend to talk to i'll be there, when you need me.

I have a good personality &
sense of humor, i love to joke around with friends & family.
I guess you could say
i'm more of the the quiet one
& yes i do live with my mom & dad.

I do have my time's when i get p***ed,
i do get called names a lot but it's like i've learn to not let it get to me as much as it used to.

Plus i've learn to be kind to other's & being that person, that i can be because this world is already gone to hell.
I know i've said & done thing's i'm not proud of but i can't go back in time & if i could i would make it right.
I am a good person, i've lie but am i'm proud of it? No! i'm not there's just a lot i don't want anyone to know about me.

I've had my heart broken & stabbed uesd, & lied to a lot more but i can't seem to think about them all..

But anyways i love vampire's & blood i like zombies, & horror movies.
I love black & purple color's
i like to play video games my fav is final fantasy & other game's as well.

i like all kind's of music
i love halloween!!
i am your devil vampire king..

I like to go out rideing around and just staying out all night long, i like to sing even thou i suck at it but who care's lol.

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Bored at work..

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Happy bday !!!!! And happy Valentine's Day too


Its not like that hun i was planning on it in the morning i was just so tired im sorry