17 / Female / In a Relationship
Milton FL – US

I'm the Rare Jewelzesaurus.
I'm weird, dorky, clumsy, and I will trip over my words and my thoughts that I write on here. Excuse that. XD

Oh, I also quote a lot of Escape the Fate songs. 👾

I just want friends. You should add me on skype. I hate texting first so please humour me and shoot me a message? c: (Stalk me and don't talk to me, I will haunt you. @-@)

You can ask whatever, but please be polite and respectful to my being a woman and do NOT call me "babe", "sexy", etc.

Note: If you're nice to me, I'll be the nicest I can be to you. If you're rude or sarcastic or mean and I feel more oppressed than liked by you I will more than likely be the worst conversationalist and I WILL be your worst enemy. I tend to match people's interactions so yeh. I'm sorry darling, but I am not sorry.

ALSO: I am in a happy relationship with my bipolar opposite best friend in real life and if I feel like you're harassing me or being perverted and flirty with me I will give you two warnings and then I'll block you. I'm not sorry.

I hope we get along fine. ^-^

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Skinny jeans are so helpful. I can scratch my knees whenever I want to. Cx

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Souleater asked

hey could i use ur post as part of my rap? I really like it
Uhm I was posting lyrics from Nick De La Hoyde's song, he's a rapper. I didn't write that lmao.

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d*** well when u get it back we totally gotta whoop some ass!


Thanks dude


whie tank yew ^-^ hehe yew can talk to me anytime lol


Awe, thank you! ❤️ You're really pretty too, love