20 / Female / Asexual / Single and Not Looking
Why have we been on this site for so long? with Karii
Shitcago – US
(Pastor Daddy)

I visit here like annually or something.
Do me a favor in advance and f*** off.

Aus10  is cool I guess.

Andrew is a f***in' babe.

I've seen some faggots in my day but lemme tell you Eikichi.Onizuka is the biggest faggot.

stopitgetsomehelp Is actually white and it's a conspiracy and fairly gay, but also is great karaoke BFF?

Bjorn  is the SK neutral party; also he's pretty rad.

I'm too edgy for this site but I stay for my hoes.

*The Pixies
*The Used
*Taking Back Sunday
*papa Roach
*Red Hot Chili Peppers
*Rage Against The Machine
*The Beatles
*Limp Bizkit
*Grateful Dead
*God Smack
*Smile Empty Soul
*Pink Floyd
*Butthole Surfers
*Bob Dylan
*Local H
*Alice In Chains
*Presidents of the USA
*System of a Down
*Authority Zero
*Coheed and Cambria
*Faith No More
*Mud Honey
*Temple of the Dog
*Star F***ing Hipsters
*Suicidal Tendencies
*Dead Kennedys
*David Bowie
*Michael Jackson
*The Police
*Panic! At the Disco
*Mindless Self Indulgence
*Blink 182
*Jimmy Eat World
*Jane's Addiction
*The Exploited
*Stone Temple Pilots
*A Perfect Circle

*SLC Punk
*Mirror Mask
*Edward Scissor Hands
*Fight Club
*Pulp Fiction
*Breakfast Club
*The Goonies
*Drop Dead Fred
*Howl's Moving Castle
*Across The Universe
*Lord of the Rings
*Resident Evil
*Scott Pilgrim vs the World
*Natural Born Killers
*Silent Hill
*American History X
*Star Wars

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Duuude I just pierced someone's tongue at work and she passed out LOL

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Aus10  asked

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Soooooooooooooooo much talking, yet nothing said. LOL Thanks fren. I'll get on Discord earlier today, probably like 4 ish. That better?

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U wish


gay fag


Your eyes are so beautiful




F***ed if I know

Atomic ☢ 

Miss you fag.


Aye qtay.



Atomic ☢ 

Da fuq dat mean woman

Atomic ☢ 

Thats me, don't be jelly.