22 / Female / Straight / Broken Hearted
Bronx,NY – US
Hey guys!!so here's a little about me...
My Real Name Is Alicia but everyone but my family calls me Aly...
i love the bands...
Sleeping With Sirens(♥♥♥♥)
Falling In Reverse
Blood On The Dance Floor(♥♥♥♥♥)
The Ready Set(♥♥♥♥)
Black Veil Brides
Sounds Like Harmony
Against The Current(♥♥♥♥)
Never Shout Never
i'm friendly so don't be shy
i don't bite...much
i draw a bit but nothing utterly amazing lol
when i'm friends with someone i'm here for them
so if you like to be my friend sure ^.^ lets be friends
i love to write Fan-Fiction and i do some original stuff too
i'm a bit outgoing with friends but at home i'm so lazy haha...

What I'm Looking For Relationship
someone who will love and support me threw my depresstion someone who is patiant and understanding..obviously faithful and trustworthy torwards me and them..i have a thing for the shy/sensitive times and or maybe a little bad boy type or all of the above ^.^

Friendship wise?
i want someone i can talk to no matter how much i over react to something ^.^ like what might be a little thing to you is a big thing to me...but it's not requested in definitely...just someone who can make me smile and laugh and can trust ^.^ maybe like the same type of music as me :P

i hate ignorance and cockiness also i don't like haters towards race/sexual preference/religion because i believe we are all one

and romers towards my fave band BLOOD ON THE DANCE FLOOR don't wanna hear it -.- if you don't like them that is fine but don't tell me how much you hate them or try to make me hate them because you hate them because that is never gonna happen..they have been really sweet to me and helped me threw some s***
so my loyalty is infinite and no one can change my mind...if you bug me about it you will be blocked...

i am lay back most of the time but when it comes to any of my bands or youtubers i watch i can get nasty real mean ^.^

if you want to ask more then go ahead and write in my ask station or message me ^.^

PS.Don't Ask for nudes(tits-below the belt) because it's not happening okay ^.^

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the fan fiction based on the song i just put up ^.^

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